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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tech Summer Duties

It's that time of the year where I need to check every computer in the classrooms and prep it for the upcoming school year.  Although, our facility problem is our biggest challenge this summer I still need to continue my technology duties of restoring computers and preparing for the new school year.  The restoring of computers is not hard, just time consuming.  But before I start that process I normally scan the hard drives for important saved documents that may be relevant to a student or staff.  Of course, at the end of every school year I announce that each computer will be cleaned out during the summer and students & staff need to take the responsibility to back up their own files, I still run into this same problem every year.  So I decided to take the time to document & highlight some of the students project work on this blog to give the public an idea of different products that they produce here at Hakipuu Learning Center.  I believe our students produce great work and the more we educate the public in our student's ability the more support we can possibly receive to help our facility situation.  So during this summer I will be periodically.   

Another way to view some of our student project highlights is to check out our HLC Tech Website and click on the Student Project Link.  I try to add final products there when I can.   

For now, here's is a student project found on one of the computers I need to restore.  It was produced by a 9th grade student for her Polynesian Dance Project

Friday, July 2, 2010


Just got our official EVICTION NOTICE posted today on our doors.  The director of the State of Hawaii Department of Health, Chiyomi Fukino, is insisting we vacate the premises.  We have been told of the different plans she have for the building we presently occupy.  We have been working diligently to accommodate the demands of Chiyomi Fukino, the Director of the State Department of Health (DOH), while still trying to allow our school to function and serve the larger community. We were hoping to come to a workable solution, such as allowing the school to continue to use the building while DOH seeks the funding and permits they will need to construct their new facility. This would allow the school the time necessary to relocate. Unfortunately, Ms. Fukino has refused to speak directly with us.

Fortunately, we have have been offered another location by Windward Community College and we are doing our very best to pursue that opportunity but time is definately needed, which Ms. Fukino refuse to allow.  HLC continues to believe that both of programs – DOH and HLC - provide important services to our surrounding communities and both along with WCC and the Kāne‘ohe Regional Park have significant justification for maintaining a presence on the Kea‘ahala uplands area. For more information on this issue, please read our latest newsletter editions:  June 2010 and May 2010.  I want to encourage everyone to read these newsletter editions and you will see how hard HLC have been working to continue to support our students and program.
This is a HUGE issue that need to be solved.  It affects our future generation.  I believe we must stand for what's right "KUPONO" and best for the majority of our community.  Not only for our benefit but the benefit of our future too.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Learning is in the doing

Had a great day today learning more at the conference.  A lot of cultural information was shared today along with other topics.  I really enjoy working in a charter school system that allow staff and students to think outside the box and achieve standard credits by creating projects on topics they like.  At Hakipuu Learning Center students have the option to choose their topic of interest and staff helps to advise and guide them to learn how to find & use many different resources to research information on their topic.  The best part to me about our project base learning system is connecting every project to Hawaii's maoli culture.  It takes creative thinking to find a connection that suits every project but that's the skill that makes this type of learning very special.  Many times we are able to physically interact in our culture activities, values and experiences.  Today, we were able to participate in the unveiling of an underground oven that we Hawaiians call “Imu”.  Nice to be able to return to our roots and perpetuate our way of life and also share the experience with our guest.  Check out this short video of our Imu experience.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

EdVisions Conference

Enjoying a week of a personalized conference By EdVisions hosted by Hakipu`u Learning Center and passionate educators sharing, learning, and experiencing new innovative ideas with practical approaches to add to our educational program.  It's really cool to be able to learn lessons through other people's experiences with students and different approaches to different curriculum & ideas.  Learning is fun for not only students but adults to and I for one are enjoying the opportunity of professional developing that this conference offers.  Mahalo EdVisions for offering this opportunity to us and especially for allowing Hakipu`u Learning Center to collaborate with you in hosting this conference.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Class of 2010!!

Graduation day at Paliku Theater on Windward Community College campus in Kaneohe, Hawaii.  This class had 12 graduates.  Congratulations to each of them for their accomplishments and I wish them all the very best in everything they pursue.  Life is full of opportunities and when people set their minds and hearts to what they want to accomplish in life then the world can be theirs for the taking.  So, go out there and reach for the moon because if you miss you will still land upon the stars. CONGRATULATION, Class of 2010!